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iPhone 5 lcd screen assembly - white - oem

  • $29.95

This iPhone 5G LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame is designed to be easy to integrate with Apple’s fifth generation iPhone. As well as the front LCD digitizer assembly itself, the price includes a tool kit to streamline..

  • Ex Tax:$29.95
  • 5 or more $28.95
  • 10 or more $27.95
  • Brand: Apple
  • Product Code:14
  • Availability:In Stock

This iPhone 5G LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame is designed to be easy to integrate with Apple’s fifth generation iPhone. As well as the front LCD digitizer assembly itself, the price includes a tool kit to streamline the installation process. For faulty or broken iPhone 5 displays this is an ideal replacement option that could help you save significant sums on repairs.

Fixing Those iPhone 5 Display Issues

With an iPhone 5G LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame you will have all you need to turn a damaged display into a fully working device once more. And because the LCD panel is an official Apple product you can be sure of full compatibility with the iPhone 5.

The relative fragility of the iPhone means that display damage is fairly common, but this affordable replacement is perfect for overcoming everything from a crack in the glass to an issue with the touch screen digitiser itself. With the included toolkit and the help of a tutorial video, you should be able to fit it yourself.

Super Compatible Specifications

At the core of this replacement part is an original LCD display produced for Apple by one of its licensed manufacturing partners, the glass and frame of this LCD unit are high quality compatible parts that have the same coating as the original LCD to avoid fingerprints and scratches. It uses the Retina Display resolution and is intended to be installed on an iPhone 5, so do make sure that you are ordering for the correct model. We also cover a wide range of other popular models here at

The LCD panel is coated with aftermarket Gorilla Glass, a famously tough surface which is capable of withstanding impacts and abrasions of all kinds. Hopefully this will keep your iPhone’s screen safer than ever, while also preventing damage to internal components.  

Try to avoid buying any components for your iPhone which are not fully compatible; any part that does not bear Apple’s seal of approval could end up damaging your device and creating faults of its own. In this case you are getting the genuine article which is sure to restore your handset to full working order.

Worthwhile Warranty & Exciting Extras

When you buy the iPhone 5G LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame for your handset you are also getting a 12 month warranty, which will allow you to claim a replacement product if it develops a fault within the first year. This means you have peace of mind about the build quality, which is important when you are selecting a replacement component for a high-end Apple handset.

The inclusion of a toolkit as part of the package is really helpful. It means you will have a simpler time installing it if you decide to do it yourself. But remember that there are some relatively complicated steps involved in this process and if this is your first time repairing an iPhone then you should carefully consult guides first rather than diving straight in and hoping for the best.

If all goes to plan then this product will let you restore your iPhone 5 to its former glory and leave you with a fully working screen.

*Only one toolkit per person/order


Product installation Guide Below

Fitting these LCD's can be hard work and many customers break the LCD Cable in the process of fitting so iParts-4u have put together a guide on how to install the LCD correctly. 

Please keep the LCD and the middle frame at the angle of 130 degrees, and buckle the flex

iPhone-5-installation-1 copy

Fix the plastic cover as the left pic shown and fix the screw

iPhone-5-installation-2 copy

The correct position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-3 copy

The correct way to insert the LCD into the middle frame and the correct way to hold the the phone and test the LCD

iPhone-5-installation-4 copy

The wrong position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-4.9 copy

The wrong way to insert the LCD into the middle frame

The wrong way to hold the LCD for testing


The left one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex; The right one is correct.

iPhone-5-installation-5 copy

The left one is correct. The right one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex.

iPhone-5-installation-6 copy

This guide is to help customers get the best from there new iPhone 5, 5s and 5C LCD screens purchased from iParts4u. 

This guide is property of iParts-4u anyone copying without permission will be reported under copyright laws. 





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