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iPhone 5c lcd frame bezel replacement part - black

  • $0.95$2.99

If you need to replace the frame at the front of the iPhone 5C that supports and houses the LCD and the touchscreen display, then you need this part. The iPhone 5C LCD Frame Bezel Replacement Part - Black may seem insubstanti..

  • Ex Tax:$0.95
  • Brand: Apple
  • Product Code:14
  • Availability:In Stock

If you need to replace the frame at the front of the iPhone 5C that supports and houses the LCD and the touchscreen display, then you need this part. The iPhone 5C LCD Frame Bezel Replacement Part - Black may seem insubstantial, but it has a key part to play in the assembly of the handset. So do not let damage get you down.

Home from Home
It is not just the electronic components found within the iPhone 5C which can malfunction or break over time; plenty of exterior elements and other supporting parts may be rendered redundant by misfortune or the repetitive grind of everyday use. And when problems develop, you will need to replace these parts or face the prospect of more damage being done.

At the front of the iPhone 5C is the Retina Display and the bezel surrounding it, along with the touch-sensitive glass panel right at the front of the assembly. There is also a frame that houses all of this, allowing it to fit snugly into the rear portion of the phone and keep everything where it should be.

When this part gets worn, the support it provides to the screen will no longer be sufficient and you may eventually have to replace the whole assembly. To avoid this happening, invest in the iPhone 5C LCD and touch screen front supporting frame mounting bezel housing replacement part in black, which will put you back on track to full enjoyment of your Apple handset.

Official Business
Installing this part is a task that it is recommended for a professional to carry out, although this should not be a factor that prevents you from purchasing the replacement housing. This is because if the existing part falters for whatever reason, you will only be able to make your iPhone 5C look like new again if you replace it.

Looks are not the only reason to buy this official part when repairs are required, because it is also a necessary component from a practical point of view. Without it the display assembly and bezel will not sit comfortably and safely in the body of the phone, and there could be serious ramifications in terms of their integrity. It is simply not worth risking further damage.

Mega Mobility
Keep in mind that if the display has suffered a significant degree of damage in other areas, then you will need to combine this housing with other replacement parts to bring your mobile phone back to life again and functioning as it should.

This part will be thoroughly examined before it is shipped to you so that the condition it arrives in is perfect. It will also be compatible with the iPhone 5C, with the black colour of this part letting you assess which model is its ideal companion. Getting professional advice is something many will want to do in order to make sure that they select the correct parts for their handset and have them installed totally seamlessly.

  • Brand new iPhone 5C LCD & Touch Screen Front Bezel Frame. 
  • Replace the worn, damaged or malfunctioning Front Bezel of your iPhone 5C.
  • Used to support iPhone 5C's touch screen.
  • Great for repair jobs.
  • Closely inspected before shipping.

Friendly Reminder:

  • Highly recommend professional installation.
  • Our company assumes NO responsibility for any damage caused by installation of these replacement parts.

Compatible with:

  • iPhone 5C

Package content:

  • 1 x LCD And Touch Screen Front Supporting Frame Mounting Bezel Housing Replacement Part For iPhone 5C - Black
  • Replacement part only.

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