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iPhone 5c lcd touch screen digitizer assembly and frame - white - free tool kit

  • $49.95

Are you having trouble with your iPhone 5C's display, or dealing with damage to the touchscreen assembly as a whole? Buy the iPhone 5C LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame in white with free tool kit and put an official s..

  • Ex Tax:$49.95
  • 2 or more $18.50
  • 5 or more $17.95
  • 10 or more $16.95
  • 20 or more $15.95
  • Brand: Apple
  • Product Code:14
  • Availability:In Stock

Are you having trouble with your iPhone 5C's display, or dealing with damage to the touchscreen assembly as a whole? Buy the iPhone 5C LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame in white with free tool kit and put an official spare part in its place. This is compatible with Apple's colourful range of iPhone models, and many users will not be able to live without it.

Display of Affection
The iPhone 5C's Retina Display will have your full attention whenever you are using the device, which is all well and good while things are working fine but becomes a major problem as soon as something goes wrong. Damage and malfunctions will not only make the display look bad but will also impact your ability to use the phone.

Since the iOS interface is so heavily reliant on touchscreen interactions, you will want to take action to deal with any problems sooner rather than later. And while you might want to buy a new handset, the more cost-effective alternative is to get the iPhone 5C LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame in white with free tool kit.

Not only does it feature an official Apple Retina Display panel, with a high pixel count and an impressive ability to perform in any scenario, but it also comes with after-market toughened glass on the exterior, which should make it difficult to damage further down the line.

Professional Touch
This assembly features a white bezel, meaning it looks stunning when it is properly installed. And one of the benefits of picking up this kit is that it comes with a free set of tools that will make it possible for you to achieve impressive results at home.

You always have the option of taking your damaged iPhone 5C and this new component to a professional if you do not want to take any risks yourself, but because a tool kit is included you are given the option to make even more savings and learn a little bit about the inner workings of your handset at the same time.

Bear in mind that this assembly does not feature things such as the Home Button, so you will need to install it alongside the existing components of your device, provided they are in good working order. Although, of course, while you are in the process of repairing your iPhone 5C, you may want to take the opportunity to pop in other new parts, such as a replacement battery, to save time in the future.

iPhone Empowerment
You do not have to try to weather the storm of having a damaged iPhone 5C display if you buy this replacement assembly. And it is also ideal for any device which has started to suffer from touchscreen issues of all kinds, since a new digitizer will make it responsive and agile once more.

Backed up by a warranty that lasts a full 12 months, this spare part will restore your iPhone 5C in the event of all sorts of damage and malfunctions in the display department.

Manufacturer: Apple LCD with Aftermarket Glass

Apple P/N:


Apple iPhone 5C

RTB Warranty: 12 Months

What's included?

1x iPhone 5C LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame - White

1x tool kit 

*Only one toolkit per person/order


This is an excellent replacement for your broken or fault LCD & touch screen digitizer for iPhone

We do not provide instructions with the item, if you are unfamiliar on fitting the replacement screen, we recommend you to view a Tuturiol on YouTube to see exactly what is involved in replacing the screen.


Product Installation Guide Below

iPhone-5-installation-1iPhone-5-installation-1Fitting these LCD's can be hard work and many customers break the LCD Cable in the process of fitting so iParts-4u have put together a guide on how to install the LCD correctly. 

Please keep the LCD and the middle frame at the angle of 130 degrees, and buckle the flex

iPhone-5-installation-1 copy

Fix the plastic cover as the left pic shown and fix the screw

iPhone-5-installation-2 copy

The correct position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-3 copy

The correct way to insert the LCD into the middle frame and the correct way to hold the the phone and test the LCD

iPhone-5-installation-4 copy

The wrong position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-4.9 copy



The wrong way to insert the LCD into the middle frame

The wrong way to hold the LCD for testing


The left one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex; The right one is correct.

iPhone-5-installation-5 copy

The left one is correct. The right one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex.

iPhone-5-installation-6 copy

This guide is to help customers get the best from there new iPhone 5, 5s and 5C LCD screens purchased from iParts4u. 

This guide is property of iParts-4u anyone copying without permission will be reported under copyright laws

















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